Who is Sparkle? - Sparkle

Who is Sparkle?

What is Sparkle Entertainment and Design? Discover how this funfilled journey was created

What is Sparkle Entertainment and Design by Marche?

While constructing Sparkle Entertainment & Design we aimed to bring the show industry in line with today’s innovations and conveniences in the digitalized world.

Today we have created Sparkle Entertainment & Design by gathering performance and stage shows that are competent in their field in a single portal. We have crated a platform that responds easily to every need. Whether time or money we guarantee you the best service with our shows


We want to offer the highest standards in Turkey. Marcheevent appeals to every kind of organization and customer taste and fulfill all the wishes of our customers.


The reliabilty, quality, creative and innovative range of products that we offer in the entertainment sector of Turkey is available for people in the age of 7-70.



Marche is a portal that always goes with the trend and always adding new shows to our list and thus always remain young.


We create individual and original works by blending all the shows compiled with our design-oriented infrastructure adding your own concept to your event and organizations.


Apart from the budgeting offered to you in the first place, we serve with our “Integrity Policy”, which reflects our perspective in favor of the customer, without dealing with additional costs that will arise later.


Our job is to make sure that the shows that will take place in your event is managed perfectly and always on time. In addition, by relying on their skills, we contribute to the discovery of young talents who want to exhibit themselve and support their careers and fulfill our social responsibility that we owe to this industry.


In your organizations, we advocate that quality is never a coincidence with every show that carries our creative identity to ensure that everything is complete and flawless.

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